Design Thinking ASEAN Secretariat Batch 4

Mulai: 2022-10-21 Berakhir: 2022-11-06


The Service Improvement through Design Thinking training aims to equip participants with Design Thinking approach and tools. The specific objectives of the training are: 
Participants understand the importance of continuous improvement in delivering corporate services;
Participants are able to identify the gap of their current service level
Participants are able to use design thinking approach in developing ideas/solution to improve their service level

Sesi / Track

  • 0. Opening Speech and Introduction to Design Thinking
  • 1. Emphatize
  • 2. Define
  • 3. Ideate
  • 4. Prototype
  • 5. Test
  • 6. Storytelling
  • 7. Closing / Key Takeaways